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Indoor Dog Fence

Indoor dog fence technology is usually one of two types. There are traditional gates you can put up to keep dogs out of particular areas, or you can use wireless technology negating the need for physical barriers.

Physical Indoor Dog Fences

Richell Wood are one of the leading manufacturers of indoor pet gates and they have several different products on the market.

One Touch 150 Pet Gate

indoor dog fenceThis indoor dog fencing system is adjustable in width and held in place by pressure. It is built from polished wood and metal. It has a lock button to secure the gate and rubber stoppers at the edges protect the paintwork. The gate can be locked and unlocked with one hand. The gate measures 2 inches by 28.3 inches to 35.8 inches by 34.6 inches.

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Free standing Pet Gate

indoor dog fenceThis indoor dog fence can be used to confine your dog to a specific area or individual room. This model requires no installation and is adjustable from 39-4/5 to 71-2/7 inches. Being only 20 inches high it is easy to step over. It also has a wide base which makes it hard to topple. This gate folds away flat when not in use. It is supplied in a hardwood finish.

This style of gate is available in different heights and width profiles so you just need to choose the right one for the size of your dog.

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Another manufacturer that you may want to look at is Bindaboo. They have a range of indoor dog fences that also come with separate extensions:

Bindaboo Swing Close Doorway Pet Gate

indoor dog fenceThis gate is pressure mounted and is of all steel construction. It opens in both directions and can be operated with one hand. It is typically used in hallways and can fit an opening up to 63.5 inches.

You can also get extensions for these gates. They range in width from 3.5 to 7 to 10.5 inches and come in either black or white finishes.

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Indoor Electronic Dog Fence

If you would rather not have any physical barriers up inside your home you can buy wireless electronic dog fences. The idea behind these fences is that you mark areas as off limits – for example your bed or the sofa. The dog wears an electronic collar which activates when it enters an off limits zone in the house. Upon activation, the dog receives a mild stimulation and or tone which reminds it to leave the area. Often these collars are also compatible with the outdoor invisible fences that are available so you should look for models that specifically mention this capability.

There are several models of indoor invisible dog fence available:

PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence

indoor dog fenceThis wireless indoor dog fence emits a radio signal that sends a warning tone and mild stimulation to the dog via the collar when it strays into a forbidden area. The collars are sold separately from the base unit but they are compatible with PetSafe in-ground invisible fences.

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Innotek ZND-1000 Indoor Invisible Dog Fence

indoor dog fenceThis indoor electronic dog fence comes separate from the collar. It prevents the dog from entering or exiting zones that you define inside your house. The dog receives a mild stimulation through the collar which increases the closer the dog gets to the transmitter. A tone is also emitted. Each zone can be between two and twelve feet, you just need to buy as many transmitters as you need depending on the size of your house and how many zones are defined.

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Hopefully this has given you some useful information to help your research into which indoor dog fence is right for you. If you would like more information on outdoor fences such as a PetSafe Wireless Fence then there is plenty of information elsewhere on this site. If you are looking for a general overview of the types of fences for dogs that are available then check out our home page.